We are Professional Multilingual Communicators offering Technical Writing, Translation, Publishing and Language Instruction services. Whether you are an author, a business or in the classroom, we wants to help you communicate with anyone. From translating or writing a technical document, to speaking a new language, or even helping you navigate the medical or legal systems with professional interpreting services, we have you covered. Contact us today.

-N. Jeanne-Marie Johnson, CTP


Through its imprints, Gyldan Edge is dedicated to the publication, translation and distribution of quality multicultural literature. We focus specifically on books for distribution to the Hispanic, immigrant and European markets. Through the publication of quality educational and recreational books, we act as a guild of fiction and non-fiction writers interested in the preservation and creation of our golden cultural heritage to enhance literacy and learning. We provide publishing services for independent writers to encourage cross-cultural understanding and promote cultural literacy among adults and children of all ages, and make available affordable multi-cultural books for dissemination in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Gyldan Edge is the imprint used for all English titles. Our Spanish imprint, Cantos Dorados, is dedicated to bringing out of print or hard to find Spanish titles. Cantos Dorados also publishes parallel-text bilingual books. Other imprints include Folio, an urban design imprint. We will also work with you to create your own publishing imprint.


Our imprints are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major online retailers. We have distribution agreements in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Through our distribution partner in Argentina, we can also offer full distribution in all of Latin America. Thanks to the internet, all books are available for purchase worldwide.


Gyldan Edge provides information about promotional opportunities for authors year-round, such as information about national and international book exhibits. Gyldan Edge does not actively promote an individual author’s book, but we do provide information and resources for writers.

pre-publication services:

Gyldan Edge provides editing; proofreading; book cover design; interior layout and typesetting; and, translation services. Professional rates apply. Contact us at no charge to discuss your editorial and publishing needs or call (954) 870-2780.


The multicultural population in the United States is growing at a fast clip. Translation services through online companies have become impersonal. Gyldan Edge seeks to inject the personal touch and accountability often lacking in online transactions. Language services are too important to leave to chance. Gyldan Edge seeks to build understanding among people, starting at the local level and expanding outward, like a rippling pond. While Gyldan Edge is fully equipped and ready to handle international business and communication, it aims to provide face-to-face business relationships to our local translation and interpreting clients.


Gyldan Edge provides medical and community interpreting and translation services in South Florida and Chicago. The principals have many years of experience in this field and as members of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and American Translators Association (AIA), we provide professional medical and community services to serve the growing foreign-language populations.

Having appropriate language services available for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) can greatly improve health care experiences. State and local benefits offices that administer Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and other benefit programs are especially important, since they are often the first point of contact for LEP clients. – IMIA


In addition to language services, Gyldan Edge can provide editorial services to prepare manuscripts for publication. We will work with your manuscript from draft to final version, format to academic standards and publish for availability in libraries and online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We will also translate your manuscript into English, or to other languages to increase its potential readership.


Gyldan Edge also provides Desktop Publishing (DTP) alongside document translation services. Gyldan Edge can provide writing, editing and DTP support for your literary, academic or scientific project. Gyldan Edge can also provide general translation services, such as official documents and transcripts, and can format the final text to suit your particular needs, using a variety of software platforms.

Gyldan Edge works only with members of the American Translators Association (ATA) and other professional organizations, such as the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA). We will work hard to find the right professional for your project in a timely and cost-effective way.

Of particular interest is working with authors to publish their work in Spanish for distribution in Spain and Latin America, as well as consumption by the growing U.S. Hispanic market.


I want to personally thank you for considering language interpreting, translation, editorial services and/or publishing services through Gyldan Edge where we build understanding through language services. Call (954) 870-2780.


Learn a language, make new friends with our language programs.
Virtual, without walls, learn anywhere, anytime from local teachers, Gyldan Edge seeks to adapt to your needs. We tutor one-on-one and work with groups to help meet language goals.

Gyldan Edge offers conversational language classes for adults and children, as well as occupational short courses for the medical and construction industries. We provide hands-on strategies to bridge the cultural and language divide.

Classes are customized to your needs. For example, if you are a nurse, we can provide on site language training to help you communicate with your patients! Or if you are traveling to Spain, we can provide you with an intense, pre-trip course and conversational practice to suit your particular needs and purpose. We want you to have the tools available to you for your particular occupation or goal.

Private tutoring to pass tests, such as TOEFL (U.S.A.), Cambridge and DELE (Spain).

Class sizes are small, affordable, and designed to get your language juices flowing. More than simply conversation, you will receive a personalized language assessment and instruction in diction, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture and local customs (i.e. slang).

Locations are flexible. Meet in restaurants, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, your local coffee shop, anywhere that is convenient to you. Private or group classes. Get a group of 5 of more students together and YOU receive free tuition for as long as the group meets! The maximum recommended class size is 6-8 students.


Contact us at (954) 870-2780 or contact us for more information on current offerings.


Our Professionals

We are a bilingual, bi-cultural sister team with decades of experience in cross-cultural language, communication and cultural and social programs! With experience in Chicago, Kansas and Florida, and extensive travel in Mexico, Canada, Europe and India, we are well versed in intercultural issues. We can help you learn not only the language, but the culture of Spanish- and French-speaking countries from a geopolitical, historical and values perspective.

In a world that is increasingly becoming more unified and culturally-diffuse, we can lend a helping hand in enabling you to learn Occupational Spanish or French for important economic sectors, such as construction, healthcare, and management. We can also customize a learning program by designing a series of 8-12 lesson modules carefully designed to your individual specifications, as well as put appropriate technology resources into your hands for continued personal growth and development.

Click on our names to find short bios, or contact us to learn more.

Shanti Kumari Johnson

Nalini Jeanne-Marie Johnson


Los Angeles Care Health Plan (scroll down for more glossaries)

Medical Glossary – Spanish English – This glossary is appropriate for use by medical personnel when attempting to communicate in a medical setting with a Limited English Proficient individual whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Teach Me Medical Dictionary – This is an interactive online dictionary of medical terminology at a relatively high register and contains words that would likely be encountered in a medical setting, including, for example, the word “raccoon”, assuming a scenario where a patient could have been bit by a raccoon (mapache). It focuses more on terminology than on the names of medical personnel and industry terminology.

Free Online Medical Spanish Interactive Course

Medical Spanish Hand Guide – This online guide is meant to be printed and used as a tool for physicians interested in learning medical terminology in the Spanish language in order to better communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients. It contains basic translation and pronunciation for typical conversations between doctor and patient.

English-Spanish Medical Dictionary – Use this English to Spanish medical dictionary to find medical Spanish translations. Each medical Spanish term includes audio.

Spanish-English Medical Dictionary – Use this Spanish to English medical dictionary to find Spanish medical translations. The medical Spanish terminology includes audio.

About Us


Formerly Cross Cultural Communication Services, the business has developed since 1994, from community efforts in Chicago to bridge language and cultural gaps between the immigrant communities and mainstream society, to later efforts involving technological advances such as social media, eBooks and web development.

Our mission is to promote cultural literacy among adults and children of all ages, and make available affordable books for dissemination in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Bilingual books are available for purchase worldwide, and many are available for free as ebooks.  We also provide translation, interpreting and editorial services.

translation and interpreting services:

Gyldan Edge is a translation, interpreting and publishing service catering to authors, medical personnel and academic clients.

publishing imprints:

GYLDAN EDGE – Gyldan Edge is dedicated to the publication, translation and distribution of quality multicultural literature. We specialize in books for distribution to the Hispanic, immigrant and European markets. Through the publication of quality educational and recreational books, Gyldan* Edge acts as a “gild” of fiction and non-fiction writers interested in the preservation and creation of our golden cultural heritage to enhance literacy and learning. In this way, Gyldan Edge provides a venue for writers in pursuit of excellence.

CANTOS DORADOS – This is a line of Spanish and Parallel-text dual-language books and e-books, is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding with the publication, translation and distribution of quality multicultural literature. Cantos Dorados books are targeted for distribution to the Hispanic, immigrant and European markets.

HELIANTHUS – This is a publishing imprint that serves the academic market and makes dissertations and master’s theses available to libraries, the Library of Congress and online bookstores that cater to academic readers.

about the principal:

NALINI'S CBTEC PORTRAIT Thumbnail gravatarNalini J. Johnson, CTP holds a graduate degree in Journalism, and master’s degrees from universities in Canada and the U.S.  A Certified Translation Professional (CTP), Nalini has more than 18 years of experience in cross-cultural communications.  Her experience includes book publishing; language interpretation and translation; bilingual media and meeting facilitation; teaching English as a Second Language (ESL); medical Spanish for the medical and construction industries; and, conversational and college-level Spanish.

The non-English-speaking and Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations are growing exponentially in the United States. As such, it is becoming increasingly important to provide responsive, accurate and timely language services to bridge the language gap between service providers and their clients.

We offer personal face-to-face and telephone language services, including Medical and Court Interpreting, as well as document and website translation, DTP and book publishing consulting services.

I look forward to serving your communication needs.

-Nalini J. Johnson, CTP

some testimonials:

“Nalini and I took ‘Economics and the Environment’ at Harvard’s JFK School of Government Executive Programs series. Nalini impressed me as a serious, capable, and intelligent woman who actively participated in group discussions and collaborative projects. I am certain that the group as a whole benefited from her contributions.” — Paul Filmer, Program Director, National Science Foundation

“I am an author of several books and journal articles and have worked with several editors, I would say that Nalini Johnson is among the very best, if not the best. She worked with me in editing two of my books, “Land of My Birth” and “In Transition.” In both projects, she handled the editorial work very efficiently and added fresh insights that eventually added value to the work. She followed schedules well, and always conducted business in a friendly and professional manner. I would work with Ms. Johnson anytime, and would strongly recommend her as an editor, publisher, or business associate.” — Dr. J. Mark Muñoz, Professor, Millikin University

“As Principal Planner for the City of Wichita – Nalini provided leadership, knowledge and guidance to various non profits including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for the 21st Street Development. It was a pleasure to work with her. She also provided incredible leadership within the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-Economic Development Group.” — Paul Daemen, Broker Associate, Plaza Real Estate, Inc


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